Fun Learning Names of Fruits

Fun Learning Names of Fruits ,Children will easily add to their vocabulary in a creative way. Learning the names of fruits, vegetables, foods, and other toys through the Fun Learning Names of Fruits, Vegetables, and Food with Velcro Sliceable Toys videos is a lot of fun. Cut the fruit in half and call the name.

Sex Tips for Women: Using Massage on Him

Women seeking sex tips to bring greater pleasure to the man in their life (and perhaps greater pleasure to themselves as well) know that sometimes guys require special handling. Sure, as long as they practice good penis care they tend to have equipment that is usually raring to go. But as has become more commonly known in recent years, sex is not confined to what happens during the penetrative phase. These sex tips on erotically massaging a man can help to make a couple’s sex life even more enjoyable.

Worried that giving a good sexy massage requires special skills? Don’t be. It’s as much about the tenderness and caring of the person giving the rub as it is about her experience. That said, there are a few things a woman should do to make the massage even better.

1) Get the hands warm. Placing ice cold fingers on a guy’s tense muscles isn’t the best way to start a massage. Spend a few minutes making sure the hands are warm. For some women, simply rubbing them together a few times is all that’s required. Others may want to wrap a towel or blanket around them – or better yet, warm a towel up in the dryer for a few minutes and wrap the hands in that.

2) Set the mood. Massages are all about relaxing, so make the environment as peaceful and calm as possible. Lower the lights to a dim glow or perhaps light the bedroom with some scented candles. Turn off the TV and play some relaxing music – ambient nature sounds are nice, but some guys prefer soft, gentle music instead. Turn up the temperature in the room – not too steamy (that will come naturally later), but so it’s comfortable to the bare skin.

3) Know the ultimate goal. Is the goal of this massage to simply relax the man? Or is it a prelude to sex? And if the latter, does the woman wish to end the massage with manual arousal of the penis? Knowing the desired ending determines the route a masseuse will take. For example, if sex is not the end goal, the woman may wish to stay clothed (or bathrobed, as the case may be). If sex is the goal, but not through fondling of the penis, the woman will want to plan a route that focuses on other erogenous zones. (These vary from man to man, but often include the buttocks, the thighs, the nipples, and the back of the neck.)

4) Take time. Taking it slow is the key to a good, arousing massage. Really taking the time to rub deeply into the muscles in one area before moving on is essential not only to relaxation but to keeping the experience tantalizing. The man should both feel really good from the attention and really anxious to move on to the next stage. For example, it’s pleasurable for a masseuse to slowly circle the fingers around an area before applying any pressure – and to increase that pressure at a deliberate pace.

5) Be ready to change plans. Often men get so aroused when getting a massage that they want to take advantage of this excited state. Being ready to go with the flow and change plans is a win-win strategy for both partners.